Affinity. Closeness. Longing for connection. These shared experiences are what elevate our lives beyond mere existence. Good or bad, they are the muse for poetry, the rhythm of music, and the ‘heart’ in our heart. This body of work is about exploring just that: our humanity seen through how we connect with something outside ourselves. That moment when we bare our souls and open our hearts.

Longing for a good time?

I'm really excited, I've been invited to hold an exhibition at Sydney's ArtHouse Hotel  as part of this year's Head on Festival. As many of you know its been several years since my last exhibition, Affinity. This one is very different, there are no seascapes to be seen. It's very conceptual and entitled, 'Longing' which ties in with one of my earlier posts.  It's not until May so I won't give too much away now. Let me know if you'd like to come along to the opening night.