Affinity. Closeness. Longing for connection. These shared experiences are what elevate our lives beyond mere existence. Good or bad, they are the muse for poetry, the rhythm of music, and the ‘heart’ in our heart. This body of work is about exploring just that: our humanity seen through how we connect with something outside ourselves. That moment when we bare our souls and open our hearts.

Lounging Around The Boat House

One of the best perks of living in Sydney is going to a beach in the morning for a swim and then breakfast. The Boat House in Balmoral is a fave.  A sister restaurant to one in Palm Beach, and soon to be Shelley Beach; it celebrates the summer lifestyle with fresh produce, coffee and an interesting menu. You will know we are there if you see Samson, our Golden Retriever tied up out the front!


Cuppa tea?

All you tea lovers need to keep your eyes peeled for Twinings' new range of silk loose leaf tea bags.  They certainly give T2 a run for their money. The client kindly let us keep samples after our shoot, our faves have been the peppermint and earl grey. The intense aroma from the bags was amazing, as they were so fresh. We are definitely converts! Here's what we shot. The brief was to create a lovely daylight feel. In order to keep consistent lighting throughout the day we built our own daylight set. See the before and after below.....

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Thanks to Karen Cotton Stylist, the good team at ProDeuce, and the lovely Kieran Flanagan at McCann's.