Affinity. Closeness. Longing for connection. These shared experiences are what elevate our lives beyond mere existence. Good or bad, they are the muse for poetry, the rhythm of music, and the ‘heart’ in our heart. This body of work is about exploring just that: our humanity seen through how we connect with something outside ourselves. That moment when we bare our souls and open our hearts.

The Eye Of The Beholder


The International Color Awards are always an interesting mix of images. I’m chuffed to say I won 2nd place in the Merit of Excellence in the People category. Yippee!

Beach Side Qingdao

The entries for the Colour Awards come from 79 countries across the globe so as they say at the Oscars, "its an honour to be nominated."  I'm excited to share that I received 7 nominations across 4 categories, the details are below. Its always difficult to predict what the judges are looking for so the selection of what to enter is sometimes half the battle.

Bronte - Nominee in People

Swimmer - Nominee in Sport

Beneath the Surface1 - Nominee in Abstract Category

Beneath the Surface 2 - Nominee in Abstract

Journey  - Nominee in People

Wingside - Nominee in Aerial

In Transit - Nominee in People

Our Burger Secrets Revealed...

Have you ever wondered why burgers in ads look so different to the ones you buy from the fast food chains? We had A Current Affair in the studio recently showcasing the food styling process and how we shoot the burgers you see in McDonald's ads. Click the image below and check out the ACA footage of Jacqui and I in action at the Orchard Studio:

I liken it to a first date, getting dressed up, putting on a push up bra, applying the lippy and eyeliner etc. (well, maybe not all of the above, I don’t do the push up bra and lippy too much these days). In the case of the burgers, all the ingredients are shown at the front, so you can see what you get. Only real ingredients are used in the actual quantities. But of course being advertising, we take great care in showing it off in its best light. In store they don’t have the same time to make each burger like we do on a shoot.

What's your take on it? Here are some of the behind the scenes shots......

Behind the Scenes at my latest McDonald's shoot.

Its been a busy month at the Orchard Studio. We've been shooting McDonald's for the past couple of weeks. I'm forever impressed by McDonald's marketing and creative teams as they're always creating and reinventing new menu options. I find it's contagious and keeps me on my toes, forcing me to push myself with innovative lighting and discovering new ways to whet the appetite through the photography.

Here are some behind the scenes with Jacqui Hudson-Hing, styling guru to the fries :). Can you tell that she is a sculptor in her other life! As they say 'what she doesn't know about building a burger......'

Olympic Fever- will you be staying up?

With the Olympics around the corner we thought this video was really sweet,

Is anyone going to be doing any work :) ?  Congratulations to DDB New Zealand for creating this ad. 

Shanghai in Willoughby

We shot for McDonald's China recently with the lovely people from Leo Burnett's Shanghai. The shoot was done in our new eco sustainable studio "The Orchard" in Willoughby.

We had fun shooting daylight, using light from 2 sides, balancing a sun that was forever moving in and out of clouds, shining directly and indirectly onto different windows as the days progressed.  There were fevered skype calls to Shanghai in Cantonese as the creative team was constantly liaising with the client. All good in the end, and the client was happy with the 'natural and real' feel of the shots.

Ex December 2009- McDonald's here, there, and everywhere!

(December 2009) McDonald’s has kept the studio busy this year (anyone NOT seen their recent marketing should get new glasses!). Also watch out for the Veri Deli range of biscuits by Goodman Fielder in your supermarkets. We in the studio have well and truly taste tested lots of photography samples, and can recommend them.

Ex 2009- Christian interviewed by Select Magazine

(2009) SELECT 63 magazine showcases food photography from around the world. In an article with Helen Farquhar, Director of Marketing McDonald’s, Aust. she says: “We are looking for that wow factor, someone who can make food look incredible, appetising and appealing but to still look real. One who is not just prepared to replicate the current accepted way of shooting food and we have that in Christian as he is prepared to push the boundaries.” View Christian's SELECT 63 magazine interview here

Interview with Helen Farquhar

Ex 2009- Shooting McDonald's for Asia

(September 2009) Christian (with a hand selected team) spent a month in Hong Kong recently, shooting food  for McDonald’s new menu boards across most of Asia. The team at ARC were great, we tried some cool local menu items, and obviously some fun was had on set also recreating the menu items in blu-tak!

Ex July 2008- Mushenko Shot Featured in Bronze Lion Winner at Cannes Lions 2008

(July 2008) A DDB Sydney McDonald's outdoor campaign featuring a shot by Christian has taken out a Bronze Lion at Cannes this year. Congratulations to the team at DDB for this win and for all the other gongs they took out this year!