Affinity. Closeness. Longing for connection. These shared experiences are what elevate our lives beyond mere existence. Good or bad, they are the muse for poetry, the rhythm of music, and the ‘heart’ in our heart. This body of work is about exploring just that: our humanity seen through how we connect with something outside ourselves. That moment when we bare our souls and open our hearts.

Is Everything A Remix?

Ok this is really cool, so make sure you check out the vimeo clips below!! Is there anything new under the sun? Does creativity burst forth from an original spark, or is it nurtured from an influence, baked with our own secret sauce? If you've often thought about any of this then you must check out these videos below, Everything is a Remix. They explore the idea that nobody starts out original and it ponders whether 'creation requires influence.' It implies that innovation and social evolution comes from copying, transforming, and combining.

On many of our shoots Art Directors will come to us with tearsheets from magazines to show us the lighting or composition they hope to achieve. Of course it's our job to create an image that moves the message forward to the next step. But the point is that so much of what we all do references what's gone before.

You only have to look at the current movies to see that they're mostly adaptations of comics or books or remakes of earlier films, for example there's a new Superman movie about to come out, 3 Snow White movies out on video, and 5 adaptations of the Jane Austin movie, Pride and Prejudice.

You've probably heard of the Shepard Fairey debarcle over his 2008 Hope poster of Obama where the original image was taken from an Associated Press’s photograph, Shepard claimed it constituted “fair use” of the copyrighted image but he's since been fined 25,000 and has to do 300 hrs of community service. Then there's artist, Ben Ali Ong who's exhibition at Tim Olson's gallery was cancelled because two of his artworks he claimed to be taken by himself, were found to be from unacknowledged stock images. Click here to see before and after shots.  I think the issue here is attribution (or lack thereof) within a copy or knock off. What constitutes a cover or appropriation of someone-else's work vs. a knock off?

Its a fascinating watch and a lot of work has gone into it, be sure to watch them all!!!

Everything is a Remix- Part 1

Everything is a Remix - Part 2

Everything is a Remix - Part 3

Everything is a Remix -Part 4

Lastly, I have to say the inspiration and specifics highlighted here for this post are the result of the atmosphere of support and creativity within the whole amazing team here at the Orchard Studio. Credit to the team!!