Affinity. Closeness. Longing for connection. These shared experiences are what elevate our lives beyond mere existence. Good or bad, they are the muse for poetry, the rhythm of music, and the ‘heart’ in our heart. This body of work is about exploring just that: our humanity seen through how we connect with something outside ourselves. That moment when we bare our souls and open our hearts.


Karol and Aranza, Yucatan, Mexico, 2018

How romantic is this place? It’s the ideal place for the perfect proposal, don’t you think?


Hong Kong, 2018

How fun were school trips? You got time off school, friendships were strengthened, secrets shared, you developed your sense of identity. Are you still friends with any of your old school friends?


Vivi, Sissi & Cici, Shanghai 2018

Nothing - not a conversation, not a handshake or even a hug establishes a friendship so forcefully as eating together” - Jonathan Safran Foer

Qingdao__AC8P0464 1 copy.jpg

China, 2018 

The picture of contentment. It always amazes me how people can get lost in their thoughts regardless of the environment. There were lots of squeals and happy sounds of laughter happening here.

Qingdao__AC8P0569 1.jpg

China, 2018

These girls won't get lost in the fog. I love the colour pop. This was taken in Qingdao on the Shandong Peninsula looking out to the Yellow Sea.



 NY, 2018

Bonding time for the dads.  Every child's happy place.


New York, 2018

For some worship comes rain, hail or shine. I believe the sense of community that comes from getting together and sharing a belief is a powerful thing.  So is love and acceptance for those not in our 'tribe'.



Los Angeles, 2018

The world never looks better than on the shoulders of your father.

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Shanghai, 2018

This couple make walking in the snow look really romantic. Watching them made me feel cold, wet and lonely. I guess sometimes there's a downside to working abroad. 

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Hunter Valley, 2018

There's something mesmerising about sitting around a campfire and staring at a fire that helps us get lost in our own thoughts. Time slows down and we can open up and share our most inner thoughts.  Here's to spending time with the family, slowing down, looking at the stars, roasting some marshmallows and just talking. 


Shanghai, 2018

This is typical scene these days isn't it?  We're all a little guilty of it. This couple are seemingly ‘connecting' with something or someone other than each other. Maybe they're both working and it was the only way they could spend any time together? Who knows, but I do wish people would spend less time on their phones and more time experiencing life.



Shanghai, 2018

The perfect winter's evening between two friends. That wonderful silence that fills the air when it snows. The racket of suburbia softened to a muted rumble as the snow blankets the ground, almost like being in a snow globe.

201801_5DS_0114 (3).jpg

Manly Beach, Sydney, 2018

Spending time around the coast soothes my soul but spending it with someone else makes it all worthwhile. Life is better shared.

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4th of July, North Carolina, 2017

Nothing beats a 4th of July parade and the amazing atmosphere of the street parties that follow, small towns pull out all the punches and rival the big cities. This parade at Ocean Isle Beach was pretty spectacular and I'm happy to share that my pic just won a nomination in the Americana category of the 11th Annual International Color Awards 😆



Wayne & Phillip, Sydney, 2018

Every Wednesday these two get together for some pummelling. They aren't trying to solve the problems of the world, its just about being creative, painting, laughing and connecting.

Wayne, aside from a talented artist/author is a ‘facilitator.' His studio, the Chilli Rooms is a place for creative, liked mind people to come together and share their talents and inspire. 






5DS_0218 1.jpg

Nishi & Uncle Ricky, Washington DC, 2017

Uncle Ricky first met Nishi at the Waffle House, he comes in everyday because she brightens up his day. I sat and watched them laughing, noticing their easy friendship and connection. I couldn't help but join in their conversation and they told me they've become really good friends and she even takes him shopping.  Some people have that sunny disposition and ability to make connections with almost everyone they encounter.  I think that's a really special trait to have.

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Fernanda and Aaron, Colima, 2017.

Nothing says "I love you!" like hiring a mariachi band to serenade your fiance outside her door at 11pm. 


Katie & Tim, NY, 2017

On the night that we celebrate the birth of someone who changed the world with a simple message of love, I wish for peace on earth and for everyone to live with a bit more love in their hearts. 


Katie & Tim, Sydney, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Musician Tim, in his element sharing his passion for music with his wife.