My Story

A great great-grandson of a balloonist in the Tzar’s army, Ukraine district in Russia 1913, Christian grew up as a nature boy on an apple orchard west of Boston in the 1970’s, and now as an adult is enthralled with the coast of Australia.

"I remember one autumn day in the woods as a kid with my horse and dog, the sun shining through leaves and sparkling off the stream, thinking 'I want to bottle this moment!’. Not sure if a John Denver song was running through my head or not.”

Christian's early enchantment with the natural world led to a sensitivity of the environment around him. With or without John Denver, a camera gave him a vehicle to illustrate this consciousness. The desire to create and share something of beauty has extended into his career as a photographer, with Christian developing a style rich in feeling and humanity. Seascapes and locations take on a painterly, poetic quality; food becomes mouth-wateringly appetising, lifestyle images are cinematic and emotive.

Having moved around the globe several times as a kid (one via passage on a freighter), he has a wanderlust that fuels an empathy to connect with people and tell their stories. Perhaps this also has given him the perspective to see life as an adventure, new horizons as possibilities, and approach projects with an easy-going, positive nature.

Over a long career he has shot for many of the largest brands, working in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA, and has been recognised by international awards in advertising as well as photography, and recently for his directorial debut short film 'LONGING'.. He still gets a tad excited if the light is just right, or about capturing that moment of real connection.



"Christian worked with Leo Burnett to photograph 51 products in Hong Kong as part of a global food shoot for McDonald's. Working with a team from Leo Burnett Chicago and Hong Kong, he worked  with meticulous attention to detail  to make the food look mouth-wateringly appetizing. Christian  quickly familiarized himself with the global brand identity and worked in a very collaborative and efficient way to make sure we kept to a very tight schedule. The end result set new standards for us"

Mark Blears
Regional Brand Director
Leo Burnett Limited/Arc Hong Kong

"I've always really loved working with Christian. His passion and expertise shine through in his food photography. He strives to understand how the brand can be visually enhanced and progressed. Christian never just shoots food - he creates images that deliver an emotional reaction."

Madeleine Fitzpatrick
VP/Director of Marketing
McDonald's Australia

"I want an award winning photographer that I can rely on to give me the results I want by pushing the boundaries. My clients want photographs that put them in a position way above there competitors. Mushenko Photography have a level of quality that sets them apart, I have been dealing with them for 5 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. They are professional, passionate and unparalleled."

Lynda Howitt, Creative Director


"As editor of Slimming & Health magazine I commissioned Christian and his team to shoot for us on many occasions. He has shot covers, real-life slimmers and fashion stories for us – and in addition to shooting excellent photographs, it is Christian’s incredible manner in dealing with all subjects that leads us to re-book him. Shooting women who have lost large amounts of weight is a process requiring sensitivity, patience and enthusiasm and I always have complete faith in the ability of Christian (and his professional team), to do this. As a title with limited budget Christian’s creativity with locations was a god-send and he was able to offer suggestions to our team – but while always fulfilling our brief". 

Kate Fitzpatrick 


"Christian Mushenko and his team have been working with our business for a number of years. Christian is so much more than just a photographer. He and the team provide us with fantastic ideas, great insights and their knowledge of the business is demonstrated in their work. They are an invaluable resource for our business but most importantly our  relationship is based on trust and I am always confident that they will deliver on their promise".

Kristene Mullen
VP/Director of Corporate Communications.
McDonald's Australia.



  • Winner Big Apple Film Festival 2017 New York for 'LONGING'
  • Winner London Independent Film Awards 2017 for 'LONGING'
  • Award of Excellence for short film 'LONGING' in One Reeler Short Film Competition
  • Awarded 2nd Place in 2015 International Color Awards People Category
  • 1st Place Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards in 2014
  • Gold Lotus Award 2009 Adfest in Outdoor Poster Category DDB Sydney
  • Cannes Lion 08 Bronze Lion with DDB Sydney McDonald's outdoor campaign photograph
  • Peoples Choice winner 2007 Head On Alternative Portrait Competition
  • Awarded Honour of Distinction in the 1st Photography Masters Cup International Color Award